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A business that's registered and operates in the United States

In business for at least one year (no launches or startups)

Minimum gross monthly revenue

    What We Offer

  • Loan Size: $5,000 - $250,000
  • Term: 3 – 18 months (average 6 - 9 months)
  • Rate: 15% of the total loan amount, on average
  • Payment: Deducted directly every business day, ensuring no disruption to your cash flow
  • Security: Personal guarantee, and in some cases a lien on the assets of the business (not real property, specific or personal assets)
  • Collection Practices: In the event of a loan default, specific lenders may use collection agencies. Please review the specific terms and conditions for your lender before signing your loan documents.

    Who Qualifies

  • Time In Business: 1+ years in business
  • Location: US-based
  • Personal Credit: 500+
  • Industry: Over 700 different industries, including restaurants, retailers and other service providers
  • Annual Revenue: $100,000+
  • Credit Score: These loans are based on your corporate information. As long as you apply for this loan using only your company information it will not impact your personal credit score.

Every business is different, so Company Loans Direct offers custom loan repayment plans. We understand the marketplace complexity that leads to varying revenue periods for small businesses, so you can adjust your loan payments to suit your company's flexible earning cycles. During high-grossing periods, you may be able to afford higher loan payments. Avoid the penalties that other lenders have made commonplace. CLD also allows your company to bypass high collateral requirements and personal guarantees, and we won't ask to see your tax returns. A simple online application can get you approved for an unsecured cash advance in less than 24 hours, so you can see money in your business account, up to $250,000, in just a week.